Outdoor Security Lights

New Security Lights for WKRECC Members

West Kentucky RECC is replacing residential and commercial security lights with LED (light-emitting diode) models. LEDs are well-tested and are the best possible choice among current lighting options. They use less energy to operate, are more reliable, last longer and require less maintenance than either high-pressure sodium or mercury vapor lights.

WKRECC's new LED lights are also more visually appealing, with a clear white glow and a modern, streamlined fixture.

If you have the orange high-pressure sodium lights or the old mercury vapor lights you can expect to have them replaced with the new LD lights by the end of the year. Over the next few months you will see WKRECC representatives in your neighborhood conducting a security light inventory, followed by trucks and cres changing the light fixtures.

Security Light Rate Adjustment

As part of the security light upgrade, rates will be adjusted to cover our costs.

Security light fees include the cost of the light fixture, the cost of maintaining the light and the cost of the electricity that powers the light. While the new lights use less electricity, the upfront cost is higher and the rate increase helps offset that cost.

If you currently have a high-pressure sodium light, your monthly fee will go up about $2.00 per light, per month. If you have the old mercury vapor light, your fee will increase by about 50 cents per month. Please note that these are estimates and will may vary based on the energy rates.

If you want to order a new light, or discontinue service to a light you no longer need, please call Member Services at 270-247-1321 or 1-877-495-7322.

security light before security light after
Before After

Outdoor security lights enhance safety on your property. The lights are installed and maintained by WKRECC and usage costs are added to your regularly monthly usage bills.

When you apply for an outdoor security light, you must pay a $25 connect fee and usage fees for the first 12 months. If there is not a WKRECC pole on your property to hold the light, a $150 pole installation fee is also required and a $2.00 monthly pole maintenance fee will be assessed. Member Services can calculate your total upfront cost for an outdoor/security light installation.

If you think your property would benefit from an outdoor security light, please contact Member Services at 270-247-1321.