Storm Causes Power Outages Across West Kentucky RECC Service Area

(Mayfield, Ky.) March 1, 2017 – West Kentucky Rural Electric crews are working to safely restore service to members who are without power due to damage from the storm system that crossed the service area early Wednesday.

Members should be aware that some of these repairs will require several more hours to complete and some may carry over into Thursday.


“We have called in all available staff and requested assistance from other utilities and we will keep working until everyone’s power is back on,” said David Smart, WKRECC President & CEO. “However, members should be prepared to go several more hours without electricity. Please take any necessary steps to make sure your family is safe.”

“We apologize for the inconvenience and commit to restore service as soon as possible” said Smart.

Here are some tips for families dealing with power outages:

  • If you see a downed power line, STAY AWAY and call West Kentucky Rural Electric Cooperative at 1-877-495-7322 to report the problem.
  • If you or someone in your household has health issues that require electrically-powered devices, consider going to stay with family or friends who have electricity or move to a hotel if possible.
  • Turn off every inside light except one.
  • Turn down your thermostat.
  • Turn off all unnecessary appliances.
  • Avoid opening the freezer door. A full, freestanding freezer will keep food at freezing temperatures about two days; a half-full freezer about one day. For more information about food safety go to
  • Leave your porch light on so WKRECC workers will know when your power has been restored.
  • When power comes back on, slowly switch your appliances and lights back on and gradually return your thermostat to its normal setting.
  • Protect yourself from carbon monoxide poisoning. DO NOT operate generators indoors; the motor emits deadly carbon monoxide gas. DO NOT use charcoal to cook indoors. It, too, can cause a buildup of carbon monoxide gas.

Members can track the status of WKRECC power outages on the website at