Cooperatives See the Future

October 2, 2018 -- Dramatic changes are starting to transform our industry. Solar power, electric vehicles, “smart” technology for the home, and members who want greater control over their energy use and payment methods are all driving utilities to be more creative. As a cooperative, West Kentucky RECC is uniquely positioned to anticipate and respond to your changing needs.


Let’s look at some of the ways West Kentucky RECC is adapting to change:

Today your co-op offers members more tools and options than ever before. We have much more data about your electric usage and our online My Power program makes it easy to monitor your daily electric usage, set up usage alerts and effectively troubleshoot usage concerns.

Paying your bill has never been simpler. If the old check and envelope method no longer works for you, try the free automatic bank draft program. You can make credit card payments online at, or at one of our convenient 24/7 payment kiosks. You are always welcome to stop by any of our three business offices or use their night deposit boxes. Budget billing can help you better plan your household budget by setting up a pre-set payment amount.

The new PrePay billing program is a great option for members who prefer a “pay as you go” approach to their electric bills. Members using PrePay avoid deposits and make payments when they want, eliminating monthly bills and late fees.

I am also excited to introduce our latest energy efficiency service, the Residential Energy Audit Program. REAP combines the latest technology with the expertise of a licensed electrician to help members who are interested in home efficiency upgrades. REAP pinpoints inefficiencies and recommends improvements that will reduce energy usage and lower their electric bills.

New technology is helping us provide more outage information than ever before. Upgrades to the automated call system assist with traditional outage reporting by phone and we now offer outage texting, which is by far the fastest, easiest way to let us know about a problem with your power supply. The outage map on our website at shows where outages are located and how many members are affected.

Our Facebook page (search West Kentucky Rural Electric Cooperative) and Twitter feed (@wkrecc) are also good sources for information about outages while also keeping you informed about electrical safety, energy efficiency, and other co-op news and events.

Looking ahead, your co-op staff is considering other products and services such as time-of-use rates, new commercial energy audits, load control programs and other innovative energy technologies. Our goal is to conduct the necessary research first and then bring you only those new programs/technologies that are proven to deliver value to you, the member.

If you are interested in learning more about any of these programs, call customer service at 1-877-495-7322. We look forward to helping you.

Finally, October is National Co-op Month and that reminds us that the co-op business model is unique. Your co-op has your best interests at heart and we are always working to enhance the services and programs we offer––both now and in the future. - David Smart, President & CEO, West Kentucky RECC