WKRECC Statement Regarding High Bill Concerns

Over the past two weeks we have heard from several members expressing concern about their electric bills. We understand your concerns and are doing everything we can to help resolve the issues.

When a member calls in we look at the details and history of their account. First, we verify the billing read for the month to check for errors. We are still using manual meter readers during this transition. We have found a few instances in which the manual meter reading was incorrect. When that occurs we can correct the billing immediately.

Then we look at meter performance. From our office, the Customer Service Reps can actually view hourly meter reports from the new meter that has been installed.

Next we compare your usage to the weather and we work with you to understand how you use electricity daily. During the process we ask you several questions to try to help understand the amount of electricity you are potentially using.

If during these discussions we see any indication that there may be an issue, we will check the meter.

Since some of the billing process is still manual, we sometimes find a data entry error. We will immediately correct any billing errors that may have occurred due to human error.

We check the length of your billing cycle. The number of days in the cycle can fluctuate and every extra day means the bill could be higher. Check your bill to see how many days were billed. A higher bill could be the result of a longer billing period.

Several factors can affect your electric bill

The most important is the weather. We have been enjoying a stretch of mild weather recently, but we had several very cold days in December and early January that are showing up on the current bills. See the Daily Average Temperature Charts at the end of this statement.

The average daily temperature in December 2016 was 38 degrees, compared to an average daily temperature of 49 degrees in December 2015. That means your furnace was running a lot more to keep your house comfortable. (temps are from ww.weatherdatadepot.com)

If you look back to previous bills, comparing this bill to the same period last year won’t give you an accurate usage comparison. To compare usage and cost, look back to February 2016 when usage levels were similar to this latest billing cycle.

Keep in mind that, depending on the timing of your bill, these latest cycles also include Christmas, which for most families mean more cooking, more guests, more showers and more laundry, all of which can boost your bill substantially.

We can send an energy advisor to help you identify problems that could be causing your bill to go up. Talk to our customer service representatives to make an appointment.

Automated Meter Facts

All the meters we use were tested in a certified laboratory to verify they are accurate prior to shipment. All meters tested within the .2% accuracy ANSI standards that apply.

As soon as we started hearing about these concerns from our members, we pulled several meters and conducted tests in our meter shop. All the meters we tested were found to be working properly. We will continue to randomly test meters.

The automated meter we installed is very common. There are more than 51 million automated meters installed around the country and most of the utilities in this region use automated meters.

We want to help

We are more than willing to discuss these issues, to meet with members and do whatever we can to help address the member’s concerns. Thank you for working with us as we go through this transition.

december 2016 average temps

january 2017 average temps

Paying online? Watch out for imposters!

December 15, 2016 - When you pay online, make sure you use West Kentucky Rural Electric’s official website. There are third-party websites out there that collect utility payments. Don’t be fooled! They may use our logo, but they are NOT affiliated with WKRECC.

These sites will mail a check on your behalf, but it could take as much as 10 days to reach us, and could make your payment late.

To be sure you are in the right place, go to the address bar on your browser and type in www.wkrecc.com rather than using a general web search. When you click on the bill pay link, watch for the security lock in the address bar, followed by obp.csa1.com and/or commercialpayments.com. They are both affiliated with WKRECC and help us provide secure payment services.

All WKRECC credit/debit card payments are charged a 1.5% credit card fee, but there are no other fees associated with the transaction.

Your account balance will be clearly displayed on the WKRECC payment site. If the site is asking you to provide the account balance, it’s not wkrecc.com.

Your payment will be made instantly, with no delay. If the site says the payment will take several days, it is not wkrecc.com. Questions? Call us at 270-247-1321.

West Kentucky RECC competes in the 2016 Kentucky Lineman’s Rodeo

(Mayfield, Ky.) Dec. 9, 2016 – West Kentucky RECC’s Phillip Cornell and Hunter Henson dominated the Apprentice Lineman category at the Kentucky Lineman’s Rodeo, finishing first and second overall. The rodeo, which focuses on performing electrical line work in the safest possible manner, was held in Shelbyville, Ky. Twenty-six of Kentucky’s electric cooperatives participated.

“We are very proud of our linemen and their dedication to improving their skills,” said David Smart, WKRECC President & CEO. “They represent our Co-op and its 31,000 members very well.”

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WKRECC Holiday Schedule

Dec. 7, 2016 – West Kentucky Rural Electric Cooperative’s business offices and warehouse will be closed on the following days during the holiday season:

December 23 – 26
January 2
New Year’s day

Co-op dispatchers and repair crews will be available around the clock through the holidays to respond to outages if needed. Click here for guidelines on reporting an outage.

Need to make a payment? Night deposit boxes are available at our business offices in Mayfield, Murray and Benton. You can also make a payment online or pay by phone with your credit card. Click here to learn more about our convenient payment options.

 Thank you for your patronage through the year. We look forward to serving you in 2017. May you and your family have the very merriest Christmas and a blessed New Year!

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