The following fees may apply to your account. If you have questions about any of these fees, please call Customer Service at 1-877-495-7322. You may also submit an inquiry online here

Membership Fee
A membership fee of $5 is required in order to receive service from the Cooperative. This fee can be applied to your final bill when service is terminated. If you relocate within the West Kentucky RECC system, this fee may be transferred to the new account.

It is the policy of the Cooperative, established by the Board of Directors, that a deposit may be required, based on the member’s credit rating. This deposit is refundable after service is terminated and all bills have been paid.

A deposit is required on all commercial services. The deposit amount is based on the previous occupant’s kilowatt usage, or, for a new installation, on an estimated usage. The amount required is the amount sufficient to cover a 2-month average bill during the past 12 months or 12 months of normal service, or the two highest months for seasonal service.

Disconnect Notice Fee
If payment is not received by the due date shown on the bill, a disconnect notice will be mailed and the account will be charged $1 to cover the cost of the notice.

Late Fee
If payment is not received by the due date shown on the disconnect notice, a 5% late fee will be added to the account.

Reconnection Fee
A service charge or reconnection fee of $30 is required for each reconnection of service that occurs during regular office hours. Please note that members disconnected for non-payment must call West Kentucky RECC to request reconnection after paying delinquent charges and the reconnect fee. For reconnects requested after regular office hours, higher rates will apply. Please call West Kentucky RECC for details.

There is no charge for reconnecting service due to power failure.

A reconnect fee of $25 is required for an outdoor light.

Returned Check Fee
If your payment is returned to West Kentucky RECC, you will be charged a $25 fee.

Meter Replacement Fee (member requested)
If you believe that your meter is malfunctioning, West Kentucky RECC will test your meter for a fee of $35. If the meter is shown to be malfunctioning to the detriment of the member, the fee will be refunded.

Power Theft/Diversion Fee
If it is determined that you are participating in power theft or attempting to divert your meter in any way, you will be assessed a $100 fee and could also face criminal charges.

Outdoor/Security Light Fees

If you would like West Kentucky RECC to install an outdoor/security light on your property, you must pay a $25 connect fee and usage fees for the first 12 months up front. If there is not a WKRECC pole on your property to hold the light, a $150 installation fee will also be required up front and a $2 monthly pole maintenance fee will be assessed. The Member Services Department can calculate your total amount of up-front fees for an outdoor/security light installation.

Please note: Tax or other fees are not included in any of the above rates.

Credit Card Fees

The following convenience fees and surcharges will apply for credit card payments:

· Payment kiosk and business office counter: 2.45% surcharge per payment

· Online and phone, credit card:

            - Residential: $2.65 per payment

            - Prepay: $1.50 per payment

            - Commercial: $4.95 per payment

Avoid credit card fees by using free automatic bank draft, mailing a check, paying by check or cash at any business office or pay by cash or check using the night deposit box.

Prepay Monthly Fee: $6

Prepay Reconnect Fee: $15

Kiosk Payment Convenience Fee: $0.55