West Kentucky Rural Electric Cooperative’s pre-pay program is a pay-as-you-go plan that offers members a way to pay for electricity when they want, in the amount they want. It works just like buying gas for your car -- you fill up your electricity tank, monitor your usage and add more kilowatt hours whenever you wish.

WKRECC’s Prepay Program offers other benefits:

  • No deposits
  • No late fees
  • No monthly bills
  • Payment flexibility – pay in advance, pay as much as you wish and pay when it is convenient

How do I make payments?

Prepay at your nearest West Kentucky RECC business office during business hours ($20 minimum at the counter), or use any of our convenient 24/7 payment options:

  • Pay online here (no minimum)
  • Pay by phone at: 1-866-784-0084 (no minimum).
  • Use our handy payment kiosks located in the outer lobby at the Mayfield office, inside Pockets Convenient Store at 1102 Octane Drive in Murray or in the Little General at 1511 Main Street in Benton (no minimum)
  • Prepay customers should NOT use the night deposit boxes

Will I be notified if my account runs low?

Yes, you will receive a low-balance notice either by email, text message or phone (you choose which alerts work best for you). This will give you time to purchase more power before the meter is disconnected. You can also log-in to your account from our website to track your electricity usage online.

If you do not purchase more power, the meter will be disconnected and power will turn off. To restart service, simply purchase more power. You can re-load your prepay balance, even on weekends and holidays. To reconnect you must pay the negative balance on the account, purchase a minimum of $35 worth of power, and pay a $15 reconnect fee.

What kind of energy charges can I expect?

Just like a traditional electric account, your energy usage will vary widely and will be influenced greatly by either very cold or very hot weather. The size of your home, the number of people who live there and the kinds of appliances you use are also factors.

Prepay account holders can use a phone app, My Usage, to track electric usage and the amount of money in your account at any time. When you sign up for Prepay, we will give you details on how to download and use the My Usage app.

The WKRECC Prepay Program is a different way to pay and manage your electric costs. For more information, call West Kentucky RECC at 1-877-495-7322 or stop by any business office.