Your Donations Make a Powerful Difference to Those in Need

To reach out to those in need, West Kentucky Rural Electric Cooperative created the ENUF Program, or Emergency Need Utility Fund. ENUF provides a quick and simple way for our members to donate a set amount of money each month to their local Need Line agency for use with utility assistance. Every dollar you contribute stays in your county. So when you donate to ENUF, you are really helping your friends and neighbors.

Need Line screens applicants and allocates available funds to qualifying applicants based on established program criteria.

Members may make a one-time contribution to ENUF or may sign up to have a small contribution, as low as $1, added to their utility bills each month. All the money raised goes to Need Line or other agencies familiar with emergency needs to help low income families pay their bills. All donations are tax-deductible.

To participate, just complete and return the pledge form to WKRECC. It’s quick and easy and your donation will make a difference to a family in need. Co-op employees also donate to ENUF via payroll deduction, so this truly is a collaborative effort. If you have questions, please call WKRECC at 270-247-1321.

ENUF Pledge Form